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​Intensive Driving Course

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Intensive 6 Day Driving Course 

(Complete 12 Lesson Package For Advanced Drivers Only)

Intensive Driving Lessons are for those people who wish to pass their driving test in a short period of time. Our intensive driving courses are tailored to fit around your own personal circumstances and needs. These courses are sometimes referred to as "Crash Driving Courses" and without doubt, are the fastest way for learner drivers to take and pass their driving test. If you have some time off college or work holidays coming up, you can fit your Intensive Course around this and get all your lessons done in just 6 days.

If you are unsure whether an intensive course of lessons is for you or not, why not simply call or text 1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL to discuss your requirements, and we can easily arrange for you to take a driving assessment lesson to ascertain your standard of driving and also to determine if you would benefit from doing an intensive course. Alternatively, you may be better doing a semi-intensive course spread out over 2 weeks. Intense driving lessons might not suit you if you are a very nervous driver or simply have difficulty keeping concentration for a long period of time. 

1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL offers the Intensive Driving Course in the Driving School Car at €660 and €600 in the Students car. Prices for the Driving School Automatic Car will be published once our new automatic car is purchased shortly.

Popular with learners of all ages, intensive driving courses make it possible to learn with a 6 day course what could sometimes take up to 6 months to learn by taking just a one hour driving lesson every week with other driving schools.

Intensive Driving Courses are Pre Paid up front before the course commences in one lump sum payment and are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE once the booking has been made and accepted. This course will NOT be permitted by using the standard Pay As You Go method unlike other lessons and Special Offers.

Many people have taken what they might see as an endless stream of driving lessons without making any necessary improvements to arrive at driving test standard in order to be able to pass their driving test. What will seperate us now from other driving schools is that we can guarantee that your standard of driving will improve much quicker because of the close combat training which you will receive.

(Like Boot Camp, And I Am Ex-Army)

How Do You Decide How Much Practice You Will Need?

1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL offers a course tailor-made for you with the best possible results. You can decide which course suits your needs depending on how much practice you have done beforehand. Obviously, the less driving practice experience you have, the more lessons you will need and vice versa the more experience you have, the less you will need. So you see, it all depends on each individual. Everyone is unique.

Are There Any Disadvantages Undertaking An Intensive Driving Course?

While not exactly a disadvantage, it must be said that this course does require commitment and a real willingness to pass. If you have an awkward lesson (bad day) then you get back on the road the next day so there is no time to ponder on what went wrong as if there were a week gap similar to a normal lesson.  However, many people find this helpful as it's as good as a kick up the backside. Our Intensive Driving Courses are designed to be intense, but not overwhelming, so you will still feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction to say you did it, when you finally complete the course and arrive at Driving Test Standard.