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Intensive Driving Courses- EDT Lessons

"You Already Have All The Power You Need Within To Achieve Everything You Could Ever Dream Of. Tap Into That Power And Change Your Life"

Intensive 3 & 6 Day Driving Courses. 

(12 & 6 EDT Lesson Packages For Advanced Drivers Only)

Intensive Driving Lessons are for those people who wish to pass their driving test in a short period of time. Our intensive driving courses are tailored to fit around your own personal circumstances and needs. These courses are sometimes referred to as "Crash Driving Courses" and without doubt, are the fastest way for learner drivers to take and pass their driving test. If you have some time off college or work holidays coming up, you can fit your Intensive Driving Course around this and get all your 12 or 6 EDT Lessons done in just 6 days or 3 days respectively. (Maximum 3 weeks due to availability)

If you are unsure whether an intensive course of lessons is for you or not, why not simply call or text 1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL and/or ACE-1-STOP Driving School to discuss your requirements, and we can easily arrange for you to take a driving assessment lesson to ascertain your standard of driving and also to determine if you would benefit from doing an intensive course. Alternatively, you may be better doing a semi-intensive course spread out over 3 months. Intense driving lessons might not suit you if you are a very nervous driver or simply have difficulty keeping concentration for a long period of time.