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Road Signs & Penalty Points

"If People Are Trying To Bring You Down, It Only Means You Are Above Them."

If you are having problems identifying any of the Road Signs, just move your mouse over the icon and the name will appear. This is a much better approach on learning as opposed to typing the name of the sign underneath it and having it on display. All road signs are watermarked with the 1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL logo. Best of luck.

Warning Signs

These signs warn you of hazards ahead, such as roundabouts, crossroads, dangerous bends or anything else that would call on you to drive more carefully. You should always take special care when you see a warning sign. If you fail to observe these signs, you could create a hazard.

All warning signs have the same format. 

  1. They are diamond or rectangular in shape.
  2. Have a yellow background with a black border.
  3. Use a black symbol to show the hazard ahead.
They are also upright, meaning they are at the side of the road or mounted on a wall instead of painted onto the road surface.

Regulatory Signs

These signs indicate what you must do under road traffic law, so all road users must obey them. Regulatory signs are divided into a number of groups:

  1. Upright signs
  2. Road markings
  3. Traffic lights

Roadworks Signs

These signs differ from other warning signs. You should always take extra care and reduce your speed when you see these signs. They are::

  1. Rectangular or diamond in shape.
  2. Are orange with a black border and black symbols or words.
  3. The movement of vehicles at or near roadworks is controlled by law.

Penalty Points System

The penalty points system for driving offences was introduced in Ireland on 31 October 2002. The aim of penalty points is to improve driver behaviour in Ireland and reduce the levels of death and serious injury on our roads. The system was extended to insurance, seat belt wearing and careless driving offences in 2003 and 2004. In August 2014 a lower threshold of points leading to disqualification of learner and novice drivers was introduced. In December 2014 penalty point offences for learner drivers unaccompanied, learner and novice drivers not displaying L and N plates respectively, a range of other new offences and increased points for some existing offences, were introduced. To view a chart of offences please click here.

For more information on Penalty Points and the most current up to date list of offences, please click here.

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